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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil

Turok 2 – Seeds of Evil (PC/ENG) | 701 MB

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil throws hordes of superbly animated evil mutants and overevolved dinosaurs into the range of an arsenal that makes other games weapon collections look like lonely baseball bats hanging on a beat-up pickup trucks rifle rack.
This is one of those games that requires you to search every corner to find the key you need to unlock the door on the other side of the honeycomb of tunnels. Youll need to use the games mapping tools to make sure youve looked behind each big door for the small clues and behind each small barrel for the big clues. If youre a master of the Zen of Just-Wandering-Around, Turok 2 wont bother you; but if youre the type of gamer who wants to feel a sense of urgency or a sense that your actions are meshing with a larger story, you may end up tapping your fingers and thinking about other challenges.